Podfecta is coming to Nashville!

A new kind of podcasting conference...

20th April

Center For Non-Profit Management
37 Peabody Street
Nashville, TN

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About Podfecta

Our Purpose

Podfecta is a series of local and regional events centered around the art and business of podcasting. The primary purpose of Podfecta is to help podcasters of all types (hosts, engineers, editors, etc) reach bigger audiences and create more impact with their podcasts.

Podfecta events are independently organized and based around a framework designed to connect and educate podcasters and others in the podcasting industry. These events are both inclusive and exclusive -- we don't discriminate based on podcast topic (or anything else), but attendance at individual Podfecta events is strictly limited to 100 people in order to foster community.

The Podfecta Framework

What To Expect At A Podfecta Event

Specialized Presentations

Podcasting-specific presentations by experts who are active in the podcasting industry.

Focused Panels

Podcasting-related panels designed to show you what's working now in the areas of podcast marketing, promotion, production, and audience-building.

Organized Interaction

You'll walk away from every Podfecta event with new business-focused relationships as well as quality friendships with other podcasters.

The Podfecta Speakers

Some Of The People You'll Meet At Podfecta Nashville

Jeff Sanders

Author and personal productivity expert, his podcast, The 5AM Miracle, has been downloaded over 6,000,000 times.

Meribah Knight

Reporter for WPLR and host of The Promise, a limited-run podcast and radio show about life in public housing, surrounded by gentrification.

Jen Briney

A fed-up taxpayer with no allegiance to any political party, she hosts the top-rated and 100% listener-supported political podcast, Congressional Dish.

Dave Jackson

A podcasting legend who's worked on dozens of podcasts since 2005. He's helped hundreds of podcasters get their start and his podcast about podcasting has been downloaded more than 1,600,000 times.

Jakob Lewis

Podcast producer and host, you've heard his work on BBC, NPR's Marketplace, and WPLN. Founder of The Heard, a collective of independent storytelling podcast producers.

Steve Stewart

A podcast producer and editor, his "behind-the-scenes" work can be heard on dozens of well-known podcasts. He's the ideal role model for those wanting to make a full-time income from podcast production.

The Podfecta Agenda

What To Expect At Podfecta Nashville

8:30 am

Registration, Networking, and Coffee Break

We hit the ground running, getting to know each other, grabbing a coffee, and waiting for the late ones.

9:00 am

Welcome To Podfecta!

Opening remarks...

9:30 am

Keynote Session - The Truth About Podcast Sponsorship

The good, bad, and ugly of podcast sponsorship. How to attract sponsors, how to keep sponsors, and what happens when sponsorship goes bad...

10:30 am

Panel Session - Storytelling And Journalism

A deep dive into the finer details of storytelling and journalism. How do you find great stories to cover? How do you tell them in a compelling way?

11:30 pm

Interactive Session - Your Podcast Reviewed

If you're up it, you'll have the opportunity to submit your podcast for review and critique. You'll then get specific and actionable advice on how to improve it.

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

Eat, Sleep, Podcast

2:00 pm

Keynote Session - The Full-Time Podcaster

A keynote presentation on what it takes to be a full-time podcaster with a 100% listener-supported podcast. You'll get specific advice you can immediately apply to your podcast, even if you don't want to go full-time.

3:00 pm

Panel Session - Corporate / Branded Podcasts

A trio of active podcasters share the behind-the-scenes details and strategies of creating compelling podcasts for other people and big companies.

4:00 pm

Interactive Session - Podfecta Mastermind

This is where is all comes together! We combine your podcast with everything you've learned during the previous sessions to create a one-of-a-kind action strategy for you to take your podcast to the next level -- more listeners, more money, and more recognition.

5:00 pm

Closing Remarks

Podfecta wrap-up...

7:00 pm


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Podfecta event-size is based on "Dunbar's Number" and is kept intentionally small
to provide attendees with personal, hands-on podcasting help and networking opportunities.
There are no exceptions to our "100 people rule" and once tickets are gone, they're gone.